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Hello World

on 15th Sep 19


:deep_breath: hello!👋🏽 Welcome to my new blog. To go with the tradition, I have written the customary Hello world post. I have maintained few blogs before but they haven't survived the onslaught of my procrastination. Inspired by the popular adage...

if you can't finish the current project, start a new one. 🤔

I am starting this one with a hope to write more and on top of it I decided to write this one using html & css. I mean, literally write the entire HTML and CSS. No framworks, markdown converters, build scripts and buillshit! Just write the html and modify the css as I go.

Why? I just Wanted something really simple and zen like. No frills.

Am tired of the amount of clutter in the websites these days. And, am really inspired by the recent trend in building minimal websites.

Sorry I don't have any cookies for you 🍪 😜 Have a good day!